Join the $98 Club and make a DIRECT impact in the lives of the homeless

Confidence. Responsibility. Leadership. These are just a few of the values we instill in the homeless participants in our Work for Food program.

As a $98 Club Member, YOU can make a direct impact and help a homeless person live a life of self-sufficiency as a fully employed, tax paying citizen.

Your monthly donation of $98 will go towards funding the Work for Food program. Through Work for Food, homeless participants receive a life-skills education, job interview skills and most importantly, the confidence needed to graduate with a full-time job and housing they can afford.

Because of supporters like you, we are able to assist up to 30 participants each week in our Work for Food program. Join the $98 Club and you will personally see that your contribution has long lasting effects.  We offer a single monthly membership of $98 , a couples monthly membership of $149 and a family membership (up to 4 family members) of $225.

$98 Club members are welcome to attend
any serving with no advance registration
required. Just show up at 3:15 pm.

Food on Foot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Tax ID 31-1581053


To join the $98 Club by phone, call (310)860-0022
To join the $98 Club by mail, download the printable form here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where does my monthly donation of $98 go?

A: As a $98 Club Member, you do more than feed people. Your generous monthly donation goes to help us select and train participants in our Work for Food program, and to provide them with a routine that increases their self-sufficiency, their self-esteem, and positive habits. With the Work for Food Program, many of our clients have achieved self-sufficiency with their own apartments and jobs. This is an exciting time to be involved with Food on Foot, as we are seeing an increased need to help more homeless individuals find full-time jobs than ever before.

Q: How is my monthly donation of $98 allocated throughout the Work for Food program?

A: Thanks to your belief in our ground-breaking program, we accept no government funds, and can provide innovative training in independent living skills, social skills, resume writing techniques, computer training, healthy coping techniques, interview skills, crisis management, financial counseling, and budgeting. We give our homeless clients an opportunity to work towards earning a full-time job and a fully furnished apartment, $5,000 in paycheck savings, food cards, a cell phone, bus passes and more. Because of your kindhearted support through the $98 Club, our clients find a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment in overcoming their homelessness and becoming full-time working members of society.

Q: What is our track record of success?

A: Because of your generous donations, our one-of-a-kind Work for Food program has moved hundreds of poor and homeless individuals into the workforce. Eight out of ten people that we find jobs for are still in those jobs one year later.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Work for Food program?

A: The Work for Food program is for individuals who are homeless or 'houseless' and unemployed. We also require that our clients be between the ages of 24 to 65, legal to work in the United States, not on probation or parole, not receiving SSI or disability insurance, and are seeking full-time employment.

Q: Do the homeless we serve pay to participate in the Work for Food program?

A: Thanks to your generous donations, the Work for Food program has no cost to the vulnerable people who need it the most.

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